Wednesday, April 6, 2011

you were such a oner~upper,,,

awwwwww yeah!!! this baby sold out in record time!!!!! but dont worry, weve still got the main kit *wonderful life* in stock,, and if you wanna a *oner upper*, weve got the *redemption song oner~upper* in stock as well,,,
tomorrow, we get to start sharing what our amazing creators created using *wonderful life*
love you long time!!!


  1. Yep, I tried to buy it yesterday, but someone else gets the Wonderful Life one upper love.;) Such a fab kit!! I can't wait to see what the talented gals come up with, I have had a blast looking at their blogs!!! <3

  2. so excited about this kit!!!
    i'm super excited for the pink ninja addicts too for doing so well!!!
    it's good to see dreams come true =))



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