Friday, April 29, 2011

*miss belle* by ninja ally

i had a great time playing with the *wonderful life oner upper* kit with this layout. i love those tapes, love the rub ons, love the two different types of letters that are in the kit. here is my darling daughter, *miss belle*,,,
see you at the crop!!!! yay!!!
love, ally * nely

Thursday, April 28, 2011

two more day, two more days, two more days!!!

oh my!! the pink ninja crop is coming in, like, two days!!! eeeeepp!!! we are so stoked!! its gonna be great!!! we are still taking a few more spots, its not too late!! you can bring cash day of or paypal us the $25. but we gotta know if youre gonna be there or night!! mama ally*cakes is cooking up dinner, thats right, ill be cooking up my famous spaghetti, {nothing from the jar baby,, were talking home cooked!!!} and its gonna be tasty!!! but i gotta know how many to cook for,, also, we will have pink ninja kits for sale and some amazing candles!!! not to mention the adorable give aways!!! were stoked its almost here!!!
if you cant make this one, we have nailed down a second date for the end of summer!!! mark it down baby ~ august 6th,, we are having a pink ninja tea party crop and its gonna be adorable!!! the location will be in vista, california. if youd like to reserve your spot for that now,, were all in!!! send us an email to {pinkninjaaddicts} at {yahoo} dot {com}
okay, fun, fun, fin things!!!!!
love, ally & nely

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

*shell kepler* by ninja deb

love this. an adorable, simple and stunning layout created by our very own ninja star, ninja deb. she used her idol and her idols photo as inspiration, and i adore the turn out. especially those rub ons!!! deb used the april addiction, *wonderful life* to create this beaut!!! here is *shell kepler* by ninja deb.
love, ally, nely & deb

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

*he's 10* by dina,,

eeeppp!!! i love this!! its so bright, fun and happy!!! i love how dina uses the black and white photos {i need to remember to start using those again},, makes the color really stand out. here is *hes 10!* by dina,,, using the *wonderful life* kit.
love, ally & nely

Monday, April 25, 2011

*stream of consciousness* by georgia

happy monday!!! how was your weekend and your easter?!?! hoping right back into the swing of things,, our daily inspiration from the amazing talent we have on our side over here,, here is *stream of consciousness* by our ninja in the spotlight, georgia,, she created this beauty using the *wonderful life* kit,,,
amazing, right?!?!?
love, ally & nely

Saturday, April 23, 2011

*springtime* tag by ninja deb

and a little bit more easter inspiration for your saturday before easter,,, here is a fun little easter tag our ninja star deb created using the *wonderful life* kit.
we hope your easter is perfection in every way!!! we are grateful for you, your love and your support. thank you for believing in us and supporting our adorable little dream!!! we really, truly, love and adore you. thank you!!!!
love, ally & nely

Friday, April 22, 2011

*rejoice* atc by ninja deb

happy easter weekend!!! its a perfect time to share what our very own ninja star deb created using the *wonderful life* kit,, an adorable easter atc. i still adore atcs,, although its been a while since i created some,, this totally inspired me to crank some more out {thanks deb},, here is *rejoice* created by ninja deb,,
love you long time!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

*the fellas* by dina,,,

you know talent when youre given and color combo, any photo subject and the outcome it stunning!!! i love the hearts and soft colors from the *wonderful life* kit and i love how dina used them in these adorable black and white photo of her fellas. here is *the fellas* by dina,,
may is right around the corner and the kit is adorable!!! im just saying,,
love, ally & nely

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

*u r the icing on the cake* by deb

eeeeppp!! i love, love, love what our ninja star, deb, created using the *wonderful life* kit. seriously, aside from an adorable photo {always a bonus},,, this layout is so rad. i love it!!! here is *u r the icing on the cake*
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*rock star* by georgia

i love sharing projects. its so fun to see what each person takes and sees in the kits we put together. take, for an example, the packaging. if youve ever ordered a ninja kit, you know what i mean. we put a lot of time and love into the presentation of the kits that are being shipped out. well, our april ninja, georgia, just couldnt resist to use it in her layout. i thought it was a great idea!!! love it!! a combination of the packaging as well as the *wonderful life* kit, here is *rock star*
love you, love us, the pink ninjas

Monday, April 18, 2011

rad projects from a ninja friend,,, amy

hey ninjas!!! thank you so much to all of you that took advantage of the buy a oner~upper, get any kit free sale!! it was a hit!!! its over now, but again, thank you. moving right along,,, we got the most adorable email from a cute ninja friend that had recently purchased the *redemption song oner upper*. not only was she a sweetheart, but the girl has got talent!! we wanted to share what amy created using the *redemption song oner upper* kit,,
adorable creations, right?? thanks for sharing amy!!!
love, ally & nely

Thursday, April 14, 2011

*oner upper* sale ~ free kits!!!! & *fun gal* by dina

so,,, the new addition of the *wonderful life oner upper* kits back in stock has been a success. again. we love this!!! for the time being, we are running a little special,, did i say little, silly me,, i meant a HUGE special!!! were talking free kits baby!!! as i was saying, for the time being,, if you purchase one of our *oner~upper* kits from the etsy shop {or via email} you may pick ANY regular kit and receive it FREE!!! when you make your purchase, please make a note to seller in the message area of which kit youd like for free. dont add the freebie to your cart. please note freebies will be issued in the order received, quantity is limited to on hand stock. and for real, for real, we really wont be ordering any more product to create more *wonderful life oner~upper* kits,, and as of right now, 10:11 am {PST} we have two left in stock. im just saying,, butttttttt,, we also have the rad *redemption song oner upper* that has been added to several *hearts* on etsy. your pick,, or get em both and get two free kits,, what the heck,, why not?? the special will be ran for the next day or so. not going to be on very long. and with that all being said, i wanna share another creation by our ninja in the spotlight, dina. here she used the *wonderful life* kit. here is *fun gal*,,,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*little moments* by ninja master ally*cakes

im not lying,,, and im totally not biased,,, but this months kits is off the charts with perfection,, i la,la,la,love it!!! i used the *wonderful life oner upper* for this *little things* layout. i love the way it turned out.
i love this picture too,, ricardos aunt took my camera while i was swimming with sofia and she started snapping away,, i love when people take my camera and do that,, i really, really appreciate what comes outta it,, especially those candid photos.
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

*wonderful life oner~upper* BACK IN STOCK!!!

flying from my iPhone right now,,, we just wanted to share - the *wonderful life oner~upper* is back in stock!!! we got a few more and we knew you would want to know!!!! ***instead of the felt birds - we have chipboard flowers,,, bit they're so rad and totally dimensional,,, we {honestly only have a few,,, but with all the sad emails we got from ninjas that wanted to own this kit,,, we made it happen,, so there you go!!! we LOVE YOU SoOoOoOOo much!!!!
love, ally & nely

*balance* by dina

we love what dina did with the *wonderful life* kit to create this layout,, so fun!! those pegasus cameos are insane ~ i love em so much!!! here is *balance*
more tomorrow,,,
love, ally & nely

Monday, April 11, 2011

*friends for life* by ninja star deb

we hope youre weekend was perfection!!!! we are back with sharing more & more ninja projects using the april kit *wonderful life*,,, here is *friends for life* by our newest ninja star, deb,,
its so precious,, i adore that doily paper thats a part of the kit, so classic and colorful!!
love, ally & nely

Friday, April 8, 2011

*no fanks* by georgia

and.herewe.go. seriously, how amazing is this layout that georgia created using the *wonderful life* kit?!?!? her projects makes me so happy!!!! such a cute title too,, here is *no fanks*,,, love it!!
have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

guess what?!?!

two things,,, one, we have more *wonderful life oner uppers* on the way. a very, very few more. theyll be ready some time next week. they seriously sold out on april first, {which was so fun for us!!},, but weve gotten a few emails asking if we will have anymore. we thought about it, and now the answer is YES!!! we will,,, if youd like to order yours right now, please do so. i imagine the second *batch* will fly as well.
two, we lowered our *main kit* price. all of last years are still discounted,,, all what we have left is in the shop. but all the new *main kits* from this year and from here on out are now $30. rad, right??
and as always, you can email us if youd like to order a kit,, and you can always shop the etsy shop. {pinkninjaaddicts} at {yahoo} dot {com} use the same email if youd like to pre-order the *wonderful life oner uppers*,, we can set up a listing for you.
inspiration starts tomorrow,, i know i said that yesterday, but this time i really, really mean it!! ;-)
love, ally & nely
{cute image from we❤it}

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

you were such a oner~upper,,,

awwwwww yeah!!! this baby sold out in record time!!!!! but dont worry, weve still got the main kit *wonderful life* in stock,, and if you wanna a *oner upper*, weve got the *redemption song oner~upper* in stock as well,,,
tomorrow, we get to start sharing what our amazing creators created using *wonderful life*
love you long time!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april ninja in the spotlight, dina wakley

our second guest talent we had to have for april is miss dina wakley of dinastamps. her unique style of scrapbooking drew us right in,,, and of course,, she also rocked the *wonderful life* kit like we love to see!!! cant wait to share what deb, dina and georgia created with our kits,, we are so honored!!
love you long time!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

april ninja in the spotlight, georgia keays

hi!!! happy monday!!! we are back and in action,,, ready to introduce our first, of two guest designers for april. i came across miss georgias blog honestly, mid~march,,, called nely right away and said, *i came across a killer blog,, we need her*. nely checked her out and agreed, immediately,, her talent is amazing, her heart, so warm, shes just such a doll. we emailed back and forth, and she agreed, {thank you again georgia},, we love her and you will too,,, and lemme tell you, she is working the *wonderful life* kit. we cant wait to share,,,
love you, love, us

Friday, April 1, 2011

there is a new pink ninja in town!!!

we love her so much, we had to keep her around a lot longer,,, meet our newest pink ninja, ninja deb of sparkling scrapbooks. we love her. we love her creations. we love her style. shes a perfect match and we knew we needed her to be on our team. help us welcome our newest pink ninja, ninja deb!!!
we will get to share with you monthly what she creates using our various kits. being a customer, we have seen her put our kits to magic,,, its amazing,, youll love what she makes, just watch!!! thanks for being a pink ninja with us deb ~ you know we love you!!!
love, ally & nely

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