Monday, April 18, 2011

rad projects from a ninja friend,,, amy

hey ninjas!!! thank you so much to all of you that took advantage of the buy a oner~upper, get any kit free sale!! it was a hit!!! its over now, but again, thank you. moving right along,,, we got the most adorable email from a cute ninja friend that had recently purchased the *redemption song oner upper*. not only was she a sweetheart, but the girl has got talent!! we wanted to share what amy created using the *redemption song oner upper* kit,,
adorable creations, right?? thanks for sharing amy!!!
love, ally & nely


  1. How wicked cool that you posted these! :D Thanks so much girls! I just love you ninjas...your kits couldn't be any more awesome!!! Hugs!!! <3

  2. What cute projects Amy!! ~ love what you did with the kit!!!! xOxO



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