Thursday, April 7, 2011

guess what?!?!

two things,,, one, we have more *wonderful life oner uppers* on the way. a very, very few more. theyll be ready some time next week. they seriously sold out on april first, {which was so fun for us!!},, but weve gotten a few emails asking if we will have anymore. we thought about it, and now the answer is YES!!! we will,,, if youd like to order yours right now, please do so. i imagine the second *batch* will fly as well.
two, we lowered our *main kit* price. all of last years are still discounted,,, all what we have left is in the shop. but all the new *main kits* from this year and from here on out are now $30. rad, right??
and as always, you can email us if youd like to order a kit,, and you can always shop the etsy shop. {pinkninjaaddicts} at {yahoo} dot {com} use the same email if youd like to pre-order the *wonderful life oner uppers*,, we can set up a listing for you.
inspiration starts tomorrow,, i know i said that yesterday, but this time i really, really mean it!! ;-)
love, ally & nely
{cute image from we❤it}

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