Friday, May 27, 2011

*his silly side* by aphra

call me crazy, but i love me some fun layouts!!! you do too?? oh, so im not alone?!?! really, dont we all love fun layouts!?!? take for an example, what our ninja in the spotlight created using the *scarlet begonias* kit. love these pictures of her hubby,, swinging on a swing. and the black and greens and yellows of the kit works so well for a masculine layout,, right?? aphra,,, im sad the month is almost over,, but, we will continue to share her projects with you awesome ninja followers,,,
love, ally & nely

Thursday, May 26, 2011

*i ❤ u* by ninja star deb

how rad are the details ninja star deb added to this adorable card she created using the *scralet begonias* kit?!?! amazing,,, love the flower,, the glitter she added to the hearts,, the center of that flower?!?! so fun,,,
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*snowbird* by ninja star carrie

ninja carrie has got some serious talent. no question. and this layout goes to show exactly what im talking about,,, she created *snowbird* using the may kit, *scarlet begonias oner upper* love how she used the frames and the sassafras broach,,,
love, ally & nely

Monday, May 23, 2011

*you & me* by georgia

its crazy how quickly these months go by!!! we havent had a chance to share all the projects from the *wonderful life* kit yet,, and its almost time to reveal another kit!!! dang!!! our ninja in the spotlight last month, miss georgia created this beauty using the *wonderful life* kit,, which im also surprised we have more of,,, here is *you & me*,,,
love, ally & nely

Friday, May 20, 2011

hot bride coming through,,, by ninja nely

whoa ~ whoa ~ whoa ~ hello beautiful bride!! love this layout that ninja master nely created using the newest *scarlet begonias* kit,,, seriously,,, isnt she lovely?!?! this is precious miss nely,, love you!!

love, ally & nely

Thursday, May 19, 2011

*photobooth love* by ally

hello ~ hello~ im really, really, really happy right now. know what makes me really, really happy!?!?! aside from our rocking pink ninja nation!?!??!
,,,i adore reggae music. tell me you do too!! tell me who youre favorite is?!?!? right now,,, im listening to *damian marley* i love it,,, i have his *halfway tree* and *welcome to jam rock* on shuffle,,, buttttttt,, my favorite is *don carlos & gold*,,,,, tell me yours,,,, id loved to hear it,,, {okay, seriously,, share} :-*
and im lucky because,,,,,,, my favorite, favorites hubby is a dj {lucky us},, he made a silly friday {or maybe a saturday} night into something rad. and chill. and perfection. just a cool night at my favorites,,, that much better.
but all that aside,,,, maybe weve never made it clear,, we LOVE YOU,, ADORE YOU and are grateful. for you. youre so rad. and we are lucky,,, because we are loving this,,, and, well, here we are,, in real life,,, and, {duhhh} totally using the may kit *scarelt begonias* here is *photobooth love*,,,
squeezes,,, ally & nely

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*4 u* by aphra

yep, we think this is pretty darn creative,,, an adorable card and a matching box to boot!!! love what aphra created using the *scarlet begonias* kit,,
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*u @ 2* by ninja star deb

how funny, yesterday we had *@ 3*, today weve got *you @ 2*,,, so funny,, here, miss ninja star, deb, created this adorable layout using the *scarlet begonias* kit,, i love that pink paper sneaking outta the back,, but of course i do,,, :-)
love, ally & nely

Monday, May 16, 2011

*@ 3* by aphra

happy monday!!! welcome back to the week!!! we went treasure hunting on the weekend,, it was magic. lets dive right back into the inspiration of the lovely and talented guest designer this month, aphra,,, aphra created *@ 3* using the *scarlet begonias* kit,,, i seriously, seriously adore this,,, its so bold and perfect!!! here is *@ 3*,,,
love, ally & nely

Friday, May 13, 2011

its official!!!

weve got the dates and even the sign up sheet in full effect!!! our next pink ninja crop is good to go for august 6th from 11:00~8:00 and we are stoked!! details are listed on the flyer,, if youre ready to reserve your spot, you can email us at pinkninjaaddicts {at} yahoo {dot} com. you can reserve your spot via paypal. cant wait to see the turn out for this one,, our first crop was rocking!!! we loved every minute of it!!!!
have a great weekend!!!
love, ally & nely

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*so beautiful* by ninja star deb

here is some charming inspiration from our very own ninja star, miss ninja deb,,, using, of course the may addiction, *scarlet begonias* here is *so beautiful*,,
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*the bluff* by carrie

happy tuesday!!! we hope you all had a great weekend and mothers day!!!! we are so excited to start sharing all the projects weve got using the *scarlet begonias* kit as well as the *scralet begonias oner~upper* here, miss carrie used the *scarlet begonias oner~upper* for her photo inspiration blog prompt,, you can check out the details here,, but here is her inspiring layout,, i love it!!!
we will be back manana with more inspiration!!!
love, ally & nely

Friday, May 6, 2011

may ninja in the spotlight,, carrie

we know you know miss carrie,, she was a ninja star with us from the very beginning,, we love her style, her use of texture, color, dimension and shes got an amazing heart. we are lucky enough to know carrie on an *outside the blog world* level,, shes amazing. we cant wait to share what she created using the *scarlet begonias oner~upper* kit,,,
love, ally & nely

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

may ninja in the spotlight,,, aphra

so, how you liking the kit?? we love. how excited are you to meet the guest designers for the month of may?? the first of the two is the ever so sweet and talented aphra of my scrappy life. i love her talent and use of bold colors. cant wait to share her creations she made with the may kit,,, *scarlet begonias*,,,
well be back tomorrow with our second guest designer,,
love, ally & nely

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

*scralet begonias* mani kit & oner upper ready for the newest addiction to hit the etsy shop?? weve got the rich and saturated colors from reds & yellows, green and black,,, out favorite papers from crate paper, glitz designs, sassafras lass & teresa collins,,, complete with adorable packages embellishments from ki memories, american crafts, maya road and loose embellishments from maya road and our other treasure spots we often use,,, the *scarlet begonias* maint kit is adorable,, but be sure the check out all the extra goodies the *scralet begonias oner~upper* kit,,, its got sassafras lass embellishments, more ki memories embellishments, basic grey embellishments, crate paper buttons {so darn pretty} and october afternoon sticker letters,,, seriously, so much packed into these kits!!! check out the details,,,
the *scarlet begonias* main kit comes with,,,
*thirteen pattern papers
*one set american crafts thickers
*one package maya road flower embellishments
*one pack ki memories puffies
*four various trims {one yard of each}
*ten maya road bingo numbers
*three playing card cabochons
*one black apple cabochon
*one red apple cabochon
*three rose cabochons {various colors}
*eight clear plastic flower embellishments

and then weve got the *oner upper* for you,,, here is the *scarlet begonias oner~upper*,, its got everything that the main kit has, plus,,,
*crate paper eclectic buttons
*broaches from sassafras lass
*butterfly puffies from ki memories
*basic grey cozy posies
*october afternoon sticker letters
*sticker sheet from sassafras lass
seriously?? yes, seriously,, this kit is stacked!!!
we hope you love it like we do!!!
love, ally & nely

Monday, May 2, 2011

saturdays crop,,,

happy monday to you all!!! what can i say other then the crop that we have been looking forward to, happened this past saturday, and it was a success!!! we had perfect company, tasty treats, a ton of laughs, loud music, beautiful weather, an amazing sunset, cold drinks, kits galore, candles, glasses & jewelry for sale, paper flying everywhere,,, you name it!!! in our opinion, it was perfection. were stoked. and totally pooped. those that came, thank you, thank you, thanks you for taking this first step with us. we will be hosting many, many more crops in the future and cant wait for the next, which is august 6th. mark your calendar, and as soon as youre ready, we are too, we have already taken deposits on spots for the tea party crop. its gonna be great. i know it. you can email us at {pinkninjaaddicts} at {yahoo} dot {com}.
nely was the photographer for the party, so i dont have a single picture {other then these i took with my iphone}, so we will share photos as soon as we get those together. and as far as the may kit,,, lemme tell you,,, its SoOoOoOoOoOo pretty!!!! we already sold some saturday,,, but the images are coming,, were taking a day {or so} to catch up on the whirlwind nely and i have been going through in anticipation of this amazing day!!! for us, it felt like we were planning a wedding,,, {for lack of a better term, i know,,, but you get it, yes???}. and it was amazing,, weve got the fever, the fire and the sparkle beaming in our dark circled eyes!!! it was amazing. thanks ninja friends for your support. you mean more to us then you understand, i promise, we really, really, really appreciate YOU!!!
funny story; saturday, both mine and nelys adorable husbands watched the ufc fight together and they were comparing notes and laughing at their wives,, apparently, they both have the same story,,, that we were in a daze this past week, {we really, really worked SO hard on this crop} and our poor husbands lost their wives for this past week, thankfully theyre rad and totally supportive, but one day nely forgot how to drive to work and drove their in the wrong direction, and ricardo had told me who knows how many times that he was gonna come by the beach house {where the crop was} and drop off jack, {my little black pug} and when he called me saturday and said he was on his way with jack, i was like, "oh, youre bringing him??",, he just laughed and said "yes", but later that night, {after our better halves chit-chatted about us} rica reminded me of the four or five conversations during the previous week where he had mentioned to me that he was bringing jack,,, {i dont remember any of those conversations,, but i believe him}. funny stuff,, but we loved everything about the week leading up to the crop and we enjoyed every minute of it as well!!! again and again, thank you!!!
love you long time,, love, ally & nely
be back very soon with the may kit. promise.

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