Thursday, May 19, 2011

*photobooth love* by ally

hello ~ hello~ im really, really, really happy right now. know what makes me really, really happy!?!?! aside from our rocking pink ninja nation!?!??!
,,,i adore reggae music. tell me you do too!! tell me who youre favorite is?!?!? right now,,, im listening to *damian marley* i love it,,, i have his *halfway tree* and *welcome to jam rock* on shuffle,,, buttttttt,, my favorite is *don carlos & gold*,,,,, tell me yours,,,, id loved to hear it,,, {okay, seriously,, share} :-*
and im lucky because,,,,,,, my favorite, favorites hubby is a dj {lucky us},, he made a silly friday {or maybe a saturday} night into something rad. and chill. and perfection. just a cool night at my favorites,,, that much better.
but all that aside,,,, maybe weve never made it clear,, we LOVE YOU,, ADORE YOU and are grateful. for you. youre so rad. and we are lucky,,, because we are loving this,,, and, well, here we are,, in real life,,, and, {duhhh} totally using the may kit *scarelt begonias* here is *photobooth love*,,,
squeezes,,, ally & nely

1 comment:

  1. i think this layout is sooo adorable!!!!...and totally fun : )

    <3 Carrie



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