Monday, May 2, 2011

saturdays crop,,,

happy monday to you all!!! what can i say other then the crop that we have been looking forward to, happened this past saturday, and it was a success!!! we had perfect company, tasty treats, a ton of laughs, loud music, beautiful weather, an amazing sunset, cold drinks, kits galore, candles, glasses & jewelry for sale, paper flying everywhere,,, you name it!!! in our opinion, it was perfection. were stoked. and totally pooped. those that came, thank you, thank you, thanks you for taking this first step with us. we will be hosting many, many more crops in the future and cant wait for the next, which is august 6th. mark your calendar, and as soon as youre ready, we are too, we have already taken deposits on spots for the tea party crop. its gonna be great. i know it. you can email us at {pinkninjaaddicts} at {yahoo} dot {com}.
nely was the photographer for the party, so i dont have a single picture {other then these i took with my iphone}, so we will share photos as soon as we get those together. and as far as the may kit,,, lemme tell you,,, its SoOoOoOoOoOo pretty!!!! we already sold some saturday,,, but the images are coming,, were taking a day {or so} to catch up on the whirlwind nely and i have been going through in anticipation of this amazing day!!! for us, it felt like we were planning a wedding,,, {for lack of a better term, i know,,, but you get it, yes???}. and it was amazing,, weve got the fever, the fire and the sparkle beaming in our dark circled eyes!!! it was amazing. thanks ninja friends for your support. you mean more to us then you understand, i promise, we really, really, really appreciate YOU!!!
funny story; saturday, both mine and nelys adorable husbands watched the ufc fight together and they were comparing notes and laughing at their wives,, apparently, they both have the same story,,, that we were in a daze this past week, {we really, really worked SO hard on this crop} and our poor husbands lost their wives for this past week, thankfully theyre rad and totally supportive, but one day nely forgot how to drive to work and drove their in the wrong direction, and ricardo had told me who knows how many times that he was gonna come by the beach house {where the crop was} and drop off jack, {my little black pug} and when he called me saturday and said he was on his way with jack, i was like, "oh, youre bringing him??",, he just laughed and said "yes", but later that night, {after our better halves chit-chatted about us} rica reminded me of the four or five conversations during the previous week where he had mentioned to me that he was bringing jack,,, {i dont remember any of those conversations,, but i believe him}. funny stuff,, but we loved everything about the week leading up to the crop and we enjoyed every minute of it as well!!! again and again, thank you!!!
love you long time,, love, ally & nely
be back very soon with the may kit. promise.


  1. LOL!!crazyladies!! =)) Sounds like good times!

  2. awwww fun!!! can't wait for the tea party crop!!!!! <3

  3. OMGGG! Look at those cute pink fish jars! Too cute, and now I am really sad I wasn't there. maybe the next one! That's it! I'm flyin' out!!!! xoxoxo



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