Thursday, April 28, 2011

two more day, two more days, two more days!!!

oh my!! the pink ninja crop is coming in, like, two days!!! eeeeepp!!! we are so stoked!! its gonna be great!!! we are still taking a few more spots, its not too late!! you can bring cash day of or paypal us the $25. but we gotta know if youre gonna be there or night!! mama ally*cakes is cooking up dinner, thats right, ill be cooking up my famous spaghetti, {nothing from the jar baby,, were talking home cooked!!!} and its gonna be tasty!!! but i gotta know how many to cook for,, also, we will have pink ninja kits for sale and some amazing candles!!! not to mention the adorable give aways!!! were stoked its almost here!!!
if you cant make this one, we have nailed down a second date for the end of summer!!! mark it down baby ~ august 6th,, we are having a pink ninja tea party crop and its gonna be adorable!!! the location will be in vista, california. if youd like to reserve your spot for that now,, were all in!!! send us an email to {pinkninjaaddicts} at {yahoo} dot {com}
okay, fun, fun, fin things!!!!!
love, ally & nely


  1. i'll be staying for dinner or course i might need to go get some red bulls!! the tea party sounds super fun too!!

  2. If I am back in Cali by then (Aug. Crop)... which I think I will be I am so there... how fun would that be!



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