Sunday, February 28, 2010

helloooooo march,,,

allow us to introduce you to the new collection we brought in for the month of march,,, adding two new features to our blog and esty shop collection,,,,

but without further adue, please meet *carousel*,,, a sweet & sassy and totally classy collection of papers and unique embellishments for the precious and perfect girly girl that has the rad rocking edge,,, which is all of here at the addicts,, right?? otherwise you wouldnt be here with us,,, were all the same, thats why we love you too,,,, {full description below},,,,
second addition is the add on kit,,, we like to call her *wind it up*,,, the add on kits is a new addition to the pink ninja addicts that we are soooo stoked about,,, and honestly, we dont have many, so if youre thinking about it, jump on it,,, {again, further description below},,,
and finally, weve got our ninja bits to share with you,,, just in case you want a little more somethin' somethin' from the kit,,,, well, here you go,,, priced low enough for you to add to your shopping cart,,, just for you,,, just for fun,,, :-)
the *carousel* kit is a perfect combination of sweet and sour, sassy and classy, sugar and spice,,, we are crazy about the combinations and the feel that this kit has, with sweet, precious hearts to fall in love with and the leopard print in pink to remind us that we are all awesome!!! barbie flair to bring us back and skulls and apples to make it more current,,, wings to drift us off, and pretty bows to put in our hair,,, its all so magical and perfect. check out the details of the kit,,, with product from over nineteen different companies,,, all packages together,,, for you.

ten pattern papers, one speciality paper
you get two babrie flairs,,,
one heart and wings cabochon,,,
one pretty please plastic bow,,,,
one skull apple candy cabochon,,,
three pretty ladies dancing,,,
one ballerina cupcake topper embellishment,,,
hand made bottle caps by ninja master nely,,,
your kit will come with three,,,
double sided feltie flower rosebud action created by ninja master ally
your kit will come with all three!!!
and here is the back side to these babies,,,,
femo friends from ninja master nely,,, wings and kawaii heart,,,
acrylic wings from maya road {set of four} comes in every kit,,,
and of course speciality trims and perfect fabric strips,,,
the *carousel* kit come with,,,
*ten pattern papers
*one speciality paper
*one set thickers from american crafts
*one set rhinestone wings from prima marketing
*one pink swirl from prima marketing
*three hand made rosebud flowers from ninja master ally
*three femo friends hand made by ninja master nely
*two feltie wings hand made by ninja master nely
*one hand made crochet flower
*three hand made resin bottle caps by ninja master nely
*three plastic dancing ballerinas
*one classic ballerina cup cake topper
*two perfect cabochons
*two barbie flair buttons custom made from us!!!
*three vintage inspired hat pins from maya road
*one plastic bow in fuchsia
*one large doily paper
*one small doily paper
*two bunny japanese folding papers
*one plastic triple heart tooth pick type thing,,, ;-) {youll see}
*two different fabric trims
*one yard pink tulle
*one yard pink and white gingham ribbon
*one yard pink fufu ribbon
*almost one yard of the most perfect yellow ribbon youll ever meet,,, {seriously}
*set of four acrylic angel wings key chain from maya road
{thats a lot of stuff!!!!}

to add to the fun of the *carousel* kit, we went ahead and created an add on kit,,, here is *wind it up* the first on many add on kits we will be offering here,,, and of course, were stoked!!! *wind it up* goes perfectly with the *carousel* kit and has a lower price point, because, you know, its an add on kit,,, ;-)
the *wind it up* kit comes with,,,
*one glitter 12X12 heavy duty cardstock {color will be yellow or baby blue}
*one sheet heavy chipboard cut outs from prima marketing
*one set prima pebbles
*one sheet hambly rub ons
*one set prima marketing flowers
*one set thickers from american crafts,,,
we loves,,,, :-)

the *carousel* ninja bits is a tiny collection of the bits and pieces that we used in the main kit, just a few extras,,, just for you :-) again, not a lot of those in stock,,,
likey my little ballerina tree?? cute ~ right??
*three vintage inspired hat pins from maya road
*three fuchsia plastic bows
*four dancing ballerinas
*five more dancing ballerinas
*three adorable plastic toothpick action things,,, ;-)

love, us


  1. yea... i'm a lil too excited for this!

  2. This is sooooo freaking awesome. I can't wait to get my stuff!! This is perfect for making stuff with Renny in it! She's in ballet!!



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