Monday, March 1, 2010

march ninja in the spotlight, kara haupt,,,

kara haupt is as cute as they come,,, this talented high school student has just begun,,,, {i swear i didnt try to make that rhyme,,, because that would be lame,,, but i dont wanna change it, i just want you to know that im not trying to rhyme. okay?? good.} ;-) so, isnt she perfect?? we needed to have her for the march kit ~ *carousel* it.was.a.must.
read more about her adorable self here,,, and check back manana to see what she created being our ninja in the spotlight,,,
love, us


  1. woooo I'll be back tomorrow!!

  2. LMAO on the rhyming! yes, she's adorable. can't wait to see her stuff!!!



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