Monday, March 29, 2010

pink ninjas chicks,,,

there was a blog hop this past weekend in pink ninja nation!!!! im so excited and honored to share with you all the amazing projects and links to the talented ladies that put this blog hop together. i adore these girls so much and the talent they have,,, thank you for playing with our kit ladies, and all the sweet words you have to say,,, you three are amazing,,, thank you,,, and here we go,,, here are the three ladies and a peak of the creations they made using the *carousel* kit, please follow the links on this post to see the rest of what they created and leave em love!!!!!
here is what ninja deb made ~ seriously, this doll house is to.die.for. i cant believe it!!! check out the rest of what she made here,,,, love you miss deb,,,,
here is a precious, precious banner that ninja cris made with the *carousel* kit,,, check out the rest here,,, love this,,, like a lot, a lot,,,
and my oh my ~ miss ninja mel rocked this kit out like nobodies business,,, seriously, this kit was perfect for her sassy perfect little girly girl,,, check out all the details and the rest of her creations here,,,,
ladies, ladies, ladies thank you a million times for hosting this blog hop. seriously im beaming with pride right now, its so nice to see what you ladies create with our kit. its one of my favorite parts of having this pink ninja nation. loves ~ loves ~ loves
love, ally


  1. thanks for posting our blog hop here! We are TOTAL NINJA ADDICTS!!! We love you guys...xOxO deb

  2. you girlies are seriously awesome!!!...thanks for hosting this blog hop using our kit!!


  3. This doll house is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!



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