Sunday, February 14, 2010

perfect valentines from ninja star carrie

ninja master nely and myself are soooo lucky,,, not only do we have you, and an amazing design team along with a perfect line up of guest designers, we got these very special valentines from ninja star carrie. amazing. thank you so very much miss carrie, i honestly have never gotten a valentine so special in my entire life. i love this. its perfect. your talent blows me away. :-) thank you,,, carrie used the *mommys little monster* kit to create these rocking valentines,,,
love, us, the lucky ladies,,,,


  1. I agree completeley.....i have never, ever gotten a valentine that meant so much!!! own a creation made by carrie is awesome and very touching!!!...thank you miss carrie...i love my valentine! are insane inspire me a lot!!!...Ally, your valentine is perfect!!..i love it! you!!...happy valentines girls!!

  2. omg these blow me away! love the runny paint splats and the way the pictures are done. super cool!



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