Thursday, February 25, 2010

back in november,,,,

when this dream we had, the pink ninja addicts, started to come together and finally start to take place, we made a trip up to la for special trims, notions, treasures and stuffs,,,, we didnt take many pictures, but i just think that you should see us,,, we are loving what we are doing. we love creating these kits for you and you are who we are working towards to make happy. we are happy chicks, we think everybody should be happy too. always. thank you for being here right now, reading this post and following us every day, or every few days,, or however often you do, we are so grateful for you and we think you need to hear it. thank you. for being awesome. thank you. for believing in this dream that we have. thank you. for coming back or for coming by for the very first time, {we hope you come back again}. we really do love you. honest. and thank you for being our friend.
"hey ally, hows the ribbon over there??"
*click, click, snap, snap* "yeah ~ lots of ribbon over here nely!!!" ;-)
*click, click, snap, snap,,,*
{i love taking these types of pictures,,, everywhere i go},,,
digital is such a great invention,,, no??
we searched for treasures in china town,,,
and i picked up some cute goodies for my kids,
you know, because im mother of the year,,, :-)
{dont mind the plug to my new personal, personal blog},,, ;-)
thank you. a lot, a lot.
p.s. nely ~ we gotta go back,,,,, ;-)
love, us


  1. oh my how fun!!! do you happen to know the name of the shop with all those trims??? looks like heaven to me! and thanks to you guys for being so lovely also!

  2. HOLY RIBBONS!!!! AHHH I want to go there too!! =D
    I've said it from the beginning and I'll say it again.... You guys are rockstars!! Love you ninja masters!!

  3. Oh my goodness I would be like a kid in a candy store.

    You guys rock!!

  4. fun fun fun!!!!! thanks for sharing the pics! I've said it before....I feel all the love you guys put into the kits!

  5. awww see,, this is why we love you all so much ~ you are all such sweet hearts with nothing but nice things to say :-) thank you!!!! and the name of the store?? hmmmm,,, i dont remember {so sorry} it was on the corner,,, does that help?? we didnt buy anything there,,, we fell in love, but their prices were crazy high,,, so we took pictures,, drooled,,, and walked away with our heads full of sweet dreams of trims and ribbons :-) have a great day ladies!!!!!
    {xoxo} ally

  6. I really enjoy all the crazy cute adorable postings from The Pink Ninjas! Thanks for a great blog!



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