Monday, February 22, 2010

*sky terrarium* by ninja star carries friends!!!

ninja star carrie had some visitors and it looks like they had a great time creating together,,, her brothers girlfriend, cidney created this wicked terrarium using the *mommys little monster* kit,,, amazing,,, ill post another rad terrarium manana,,, made by her nephew,,, :-)
love, ally


  1. somehow i've missed TONS of new projects so i'm going to blanket comment on them here...OMG everyone's creations are AMAZING. so stinkin creative. but, of course, how can you go wrong using ANY of the addicts' kits??!! (hurry up march 1 - i just need carrousel!!!)

    (lol - my verification word is "dityplo"...a new nickname for pdiddy or whatever he goes by nowadays?)



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