Thursday, February 3, 2011

another way to purchase addict kits & valentines sale & flickr & twitter & facebook & friday features

hi. youre cute. guess what?? we have fun things to share.
*first ~ we realized something. not everybody shops on etsy like we do. who knew?? so, we want to make shopping for our kits that much easier for you. maybe you dont wanna open an etsy account. maybe you just havent gotten around to it. whatever the reason is {we promise not to pry} if you dont have an etsy account we dont want that to stop you from buying one of our wicked addictions. if you would like to purchase a pink ninja addicts addiction, you can simply email us. in the subject line write *order* and please let us know which kit {s} you would like, where you want it shipped to, and how you would like to pay. you have several options for payment. good ol paypal always works, but if you dont have paypal or would rather pay check or money order,,, lets do it,,, you can mail us a check and we will then mail you your kit. rad right?? hmm,, not sure why we didnt think of this sooner. its not easy running a pink ninja nation, you know?? our email addy is ~ pinkninjaaddicts {at} yahoo {dot} com
*next ~ we are running a special until valentines day. because we love you. enter the coupon code ninjalove when checking out on etsy and you will receive 15% off your order. yep,, and if you havent noticed, each and every kit from last year is marked down. you you get an additional 15% off the marked down prices and the coupon code is also valid on the newest addictions. what are you waiting for?!?!?
*third ~ join our flickr group. any projects that you have created using any of our kits need to be showcased!!! share them with us and everybody else that is dying to see creations using our projects. i know i cant wait to see em!!!
*forth ~ do you follow us on twitter?? yes?? thank you {blushing} no?? why not?? we would really appreciate it if you did. please?? pretty please??
*fifth ~ how about on facebook?? please??
*finally ~ weve got new features each and every friday. we will be featuring a collage to inspire you creatively,,, it will reflect the current addiction. the first one will be up in a few hours. then, we will be creating a sketch each month to continue to inspire you. also, we are bringing in what we call a blast from the past, where we take a past kit and share with you current projects that havent be shared here yet. i think its really cool. and finally, you may or may not have noticed, each and every single one of our kits are titled after songs. cute songs and we though it would be sorta cool to feature the song on one of the fridays. so we will be sharing with you the song lyrics. cute right??
so there you have it. lots of updates as we continue to grow here in pink ninja nation. we are so grateful for you purchasing our kits, supporting us and simply reading this blog. nely and i wouldnt have made it this far if it werent for you and your love. thank you. a lot, a lot, thank you. youre amazing.
love you, love us, the pink ninjas

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