Friday, January 28, 2011

*joy* by larissa

another beauty by one of our two ninjas in the spotlight for january, larissa,,, here is what she created using the january addiction *glitter in the air*, here is *joy*,,,
and p.s. oh dang, february is like here pretty much,,, weve got two kits coming your way for the month of february. just because we couldnt pick which one we wanted to share next,,, we love em both and im sure you will too!!!
have a great weekend, love you, love us, the pink ninja chicks


  1. I am so glad you had Larissa come back! I love her work!!! And I'm super excited to see these two kits... so when is the debut??? You should do it today I say!! LOL

  2. What an ADORABLE page! Isn't her work simply amazing?!

  3. Love this layout!!!! Larissa rocks!



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