Saturday, January 1, 2011

*glitter in the air*

happy new year!!!!
we sure missed all of you,,, but im sure you had an amazing christmas, holiday and what not. yes?? we did!!!
man, january,,, the beginning of the year. 2011, crazy huh?? we are starting the year off with a major bang,,,
1} we have not one, not two, but three guest designers,,, and they are all!!!
2} happy anniversary to us!!! all of us,, all of you that are a part of this pink ninja nation we live in. to celebrate, we have having a sale in the shop on all past kits {newest addiction not included}
3} ahem, ahem,,, this new addiction is sooooo pretty!!! so, so pretty!!! allow me to introduce you to *glitter in the air* its as perfect as the name of the addiction.
you get six different trims,,,
two cabochons,,
seven of each of the colors shown below,,,
three crochet flowers,,,
acrylic key chains from maya road,,,,
all the papers as well as the speciality lace paper,,,
the whole package,,,
*glitter in the air* comes with,,,
*ten different pattern papers
*one speciality lace paper
*one package thickers from american crafts
*one package maya road felt embellishments
*one package woolies from basic grey
*three hand made glitter bottle caps by ninja master nely
*three different adorable femos hand made by ninja master nely
*two flower cabochons
*seven pink plastic star embellishments
*seven purple plastic star embellishments
*seven clear plastic star embellishments
*three crochet flowers with stems
*one bundle teeny tiny white flowers
*six felt embellishments from american crafts
*four acrylic bird key chains from maya road
*one yard sparkle tulle {oh so pretty}
*one strand pearl flower trim
*four more trims {pictured} so pretty

the kit is already up and listed in the shop,,, dont forget to check out the anniversary sale weve got going on,,,,

love you, love, us



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