Sunday, January 31, 2010

*mommys little monster*

*mommys little monster* our february kit and its freaking cute!!! with the color combinations and bright and fun patterns going on in this kit, it has made scrapping so many various memories an amazing and exciting experience.
from rad moments with my little man,,, scrapping me solo,,, perfect pictures with family,,, amazing. these reds, turquoise, blues, greens and grey are perfect together. perfect for school, outdoors, boys, girls,,, anything. i am crazy about this kit. check out all the details,,,,, and follow us every day to see what we have all created using this kit,,,, youll love,,,
the paper selection,,,,
one of the three dino patches hand made by ninja master ally
the trims and fabric,,,
one of these dino friends,,,,
two heart cabochons,,,
one feltie friend hand made by ninja master nely
cloud resin bottle caps hand made by ninja master nely
you will get four of these cutie pie flowers,,,
your kit will include one of these three perfect dinosaurs flair,,,
youll get six different chipboard pieces from the selection below,,,
*mommys little monster* kit includes,,,
*ten pattern papers
*one speciality paper {the dinosaurs}
*one package of rub one from american crafts
*one package pearls and crystals from prima marketing
*one set of thickers alphabets from american crafts
*almost one yard ponchello {you know, that rad mesh material,,, youll see},,,
*one strip camo fabric
*almost one yard black sequins trim
*one yard green sequins trim
*one yard black beaded trim
*one yard blue beaded trim
*two korean bingo cards
*two strips of plastic grass accent
*two fimo friends hand made by ninja master nely
*one dinosaur flair from indie art fair
*one bowling pin
*four cute softie stars
*one cutie pie 3-D dino friend
*one feltie fabric creation by ninja master ally
*six chipboard embellishments from american crafts
*one hand made feltie friend by ninja master nely
*two clear star embellishments
*two hand made resin bottle cap by ninja master nely
*two hearts cabochons
*one blue flower cabochon

love, us

youre such a tease,,,,,

if i showed you these,,,, would you be able to guess who our ninja in the spotlight for february is?? i am willing to give you a hint,,,, shes rad!!!!
see you tomorrow with the total kit reveal,,,,,
love, us

Saturday, January 30, 2010

wanna overdose??

so what are you waiting for?? since february is, like, right around the corner,,, we are offering our *wanna overdose* listing with special shipping costs. here is the deal,,, you purchase the *wanna over dose* and youll receive in the mail in like, a few days,,, *dont get it twisted*, *three little birds* and the february kit *mommys little monster* {oops, did you just get some inside information on the kit name??}?? ;-) also, please keep in mind that were super easy going, and rad,,, if youd like to purchase two or even three of the same kit, thats good to go too. yes, we have totally sold the same kit, twice, to the same person. theyre that good. promise. so, for now, unless otherwise instructed by you, should you overdose, you get the three different kits i listed above in one rad package of happy mail at your door step. awesome. i say go for it!!! and dont forget to follow the art walk,,, its so rad to see what everybody is creating using these kits,,,,
love us, here at ninja head quarters,,,,

Friday, January 29, 2010

*no fear* layout by ninja master nely

rad layout here missy,,, love what ninja master nely busted out using the *dont get it twisted* kit,,, there are a few left,,, for those of you that have been day dreaming of it,,, ;-)
love, us

Thursday, January 28, 2010

wanna little teaser??,,,

yeah, you do?? alright,,, here you go,,,, our february kit it ready to go,,, all we need is for february to get here!!! :-),,,
love, us

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*love bug* by ally

heres a fun layout i created using the *three little birds* kit,,,, loves,,,,,
love, ally

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*valentines* by carrie

i adore these,,,, carrie created valentines for her girls using the *dont get it twisted* kit,,, love,,,,
love, us

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

cha or bust,,,,

were off to cha today,,, but not to worry, we will leave you with two things to ponder,,, a few sneak peaks of our february kit,,,, {freaking cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee} and the re~assurance that this blog will continue to update as we are away,,,, away, yes, but not away from our laptops,,, {there sorta like growths these days},,, also, please be sure to check out our personal blogs for other fun goodies that might pop up here and there,,, "i dont know, i dont know if ill have enought time",,,,, {name that movie},,,,, ninja master ally & ninja master nely
love, ally

Saturday, January 23, 2010

layout inspiration by ninja master nely

ninja master nely worked this little cutie using the *three little birds* kit,,,, i adore that hade made flower she created,,,,,
love, us

Friday, January 22, 2010

*create* frame by ninja master nely

ninja master nely made this adorable *create* picture frame using the *dont get it twisted* kit. i love it.
love, us

Thursday, January 21, 2010

*sewing card* by carrie

man, i adore this card that carrie created using the *dont get it twisted* kit,,, such talent this little lady has, i tell you,,, thanks carrie!!!
love, us

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

*dream* layout by gloria

this was a gift ninja star gloria created for us ninja masters,,, because we all love each other, like a lot, a lot,,, thanks so much G,,, she used the *three little birds* kit,,, i thought this was the sweetest gift,,,

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