Saturday, January 30, 2010

wanna overdose??

so what are you waiting for?? since february is, like, right around the corner,,, we are offering our *wanna overdose* listing with special shipping costs. here is the deal,,, you purchase the *wanna over dose* and youll receive in the mail in like, a few days,,, *dont get it twisted*, *three little birds* and the february kit *mommys little monster* {oops, did you just get some inside information on the kit name??}?? ;-) also, please keep in mind that were super easy going, and rad,,, if youd like to purchase two or even three of the same kit, thats good to go too. yes, we have totally sold the same kit, twice, to the same person. theyre that good. promise. so, for now, unless otherwise instructed by you, should you overdose, you get the three different kits i listed above in one rad package of happy mail at your door step. awesome. i say go for it!!! and dont forget to follow the art walk,,, its so rad to see what everybody is creating using these kits,,,,
love us, here at ninja head quarters,,,,

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