Friday, January 1, 2010

welcome to our dream,,,

hello ~ hello ~ hello ~ here we are!!! rocking out a brand new scrapbooking kit company thats gonna blow you away with the unique treasures and hand made goodies like no other kit company,,, we have been busting our bums working behind the scenes cranking out amazing combinations of paper kits that are gonna inspire you like crazy,,, weve got an amazing line up of kits to come and an even more impressive line up of guest designers thats gonna make you scream!!!! you gotta check back as often as you can,, checking out what our amazing design team has created using these kits with nothing but intentions to inspire you,,, lemme tell you a little about the blog,,,
at the top of both sides, *the ninja masters*,,, ninja master nely and ninja master ally,,, we started with the pink ninja inspiration blog,,, which lead us to this crazy blog and have been cranking and working just to impress you,,, is it working??? ;-)
*the ninja stars*,,, carrie and gloria,,, we took them straight from the pink ninja inspiration blog,, because we had to have them over here,,,
then, weve got *the shop *~ learn it, know it, love it,,, ;-) add us to your treasured etsy favorites,,, there, you will be able to purchase our kits,,, and be sure to check out the *wanna overdose* section. we have an option for to to become addicted right off the get go,,, you can purchase three kits at a time and you will receive a discount for doing so, as well as a secured kit for the following month,,,
the flip side of *the shop* is our adorable ninja addict,,, be sure to grab that code and rock her on your blog,, isnt she precious?? i loooooove her eye lashes and pink bow in her hair,,,
*ninjas in the spotlight*,,, for our rocking guest designers,,, we will feature them right, smack dab ~ there,,,,
*check out* is simply for what we love,,, and think you might wanna check out too,,, just in case,,, ;-)
*newest addictions* is a section on the blog where we have a quickie view of the newest kits and what we have to offer you at the current moment,,, just at a glance,,,
*followers*,,, we all know what thats all about,,, c'mon,,, dont be shy,, become a follower,,,
then weve got the *archive*,,, just because,,, you know,,, whatevs,,,
*want more??* ~ a direct link to the pink ninjas inspiration blog,,, our first born baby,,,
and finally,,, *the gallery*,,,, a direct link to the pink ninja addicts art walk gallery,,, we looooooooove, loooooooove seeing what you rock out,,, so, if you wanna share your creations with us, leave a comment and well upload your art work to the art walk gallery and link your rad self up right there,,, its gonna be so fun seeing all the creations,,,
so, yeah, now that i showed you around the blog, again, welcome, so glad you stopped by to check in,,, be sure to scroll down to check out the first two kits we have,,, theyre wicked,, im in love,,,,
thank you ~ thank you ~ thank youuuuuuuuu,,,,
love you, love ally & nely


  1. WWOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm soooo excited for you guys this is going to be rad!! can't wait to see everything, I'm gonna go check it all out!
    Love ya ladies!!

  2. looking mighty fine , Ally & Nely !

    what a great secret you've been keeping ! wishing you every success with this new shop venture !


  3. awwww!!,,thank you girlies!!! we are so super elated to go on this new adventure!!!

  4. Totally awesome adventure for sure... I'm gonna go along for the ride if you don't mind! I love the kits!

  5. thanks ladies ~ love seeing your supporting faces over here,,, ;-)

  6. awesome job lil ladies!! this is so awesome, congrats!

  7. love love love love lovvveee!!!!!!! Must expedite job search to buy some candy!! :D Congrats ladies this is awesome!

  8. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats ladies!!! I can't WAIT to get my hands on these!!

  9. This is SOOOO stinkin' cool, guys!! I am so happy for ya'll!!!! :)

  10. wow! was i supposed to know bout this???? he he....guess what i just bought! these kits are right up my Ally & Nely....hah hah hah! i kill me! gimme gimme gimme!


  11. This is awesome Nely and Ally! I love the little Ninja gal! Any chance she could be a digi stamp or even rubber stamp? That would be sooo awesome!!



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