Friday, June 18, 2010

no need to hold off anymore,,,

were gonna make this easy for you. we dont like charging an arm and a leg for shipping, we get it. its a tons of money, and to be honest, who has extra money these days?? this past wednesday night, after a perfect business meeting, we have decided to switch things up for our shipping situation,,, so, here is how its gonna go, from here on out.
*shipping ~ $5.00 ~ although, yes, it actually does cost us $11.00 between shipping, handling and packaging, we will cover the difference.
*new customers ~ FREE SHIPPING for your very first ninja addicts order,,, {please inform us that you are a new costumer by noting it in the etsy section of *message to the sender*}, and we will refund your paypal account the shipping charges.
*FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $75.00 ~ oh snap!!!! again, your shipping charges will be refunded to you after the transaction has been completed and be noted to your paypal account.
rad ~ right?? we love you, and we wanna take care of you, because you take care of us too. this is our dream, our passion and our inspiration,,, we wanna share these feelings with all of you. thanks for supporting our dream, we love it here in pink ninja nation land. its perfect.
love ally & nely


  1. I am SUPER excited to hear about this-I love my kit and will be featuring it on my blog on Saturday. I haven't forgotten to write you back either-been sick and was on vaca before that but I can't wait to link up!

  2. hurray blog hop i love it this new kit rocks hope i get one huraayyyy

  3. Love blog hops, especially Ninja style!!!

  4. Thank you gals so much for doing this, it finally gave me the push I needed to order two (!) kits from you :)



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