Thursday, June 24, 2010

come in, were closed,,,

hi. the ninja masters have been working like crazy ladies,,, soooooo,, what do we need?? well, a little vacation of course!!! we will be closing shop while we are out of town enjoying our vacations with our families. we are so gonna miss you, a lot, a lot,,, but we also are so gonna enjoy this time off to relax. being a ninja master is super hard work!!! when we return, we will release our july kit, share with you our ninja in the spotlight, share inspiration and maybe some fun tid-bits from our vacation,,, or you might go to either of our personal blogs for that action. if youve placed an order with us, no worries, its on the way. if you place an order while were gone, no worries either, we will ship it out when we return, {which will be 5 july}. we arent going to close down the etsy shop, so feel free to browse and shop,,, we will return to the blog for updates and inspiration 12 july,,, please dont forget about our blog hop, still going on,,, the winners will be chosen this saturday and placed on the blog sunday or monday,,,
please feel free to follow along our personal blogs,,, i, ninja master allyson joy am going to hawaii!!!
ninja master nely has already taken off, and she is heading to an amazing camping trip close to the river,,, dreamy.
were gonna miss you. promise. miss us too, okay??
love you, love us, the pink ninja addicts
{thank you we heart it, for always having perfect pictures for exactly what i need}


  1. Fantastic pics! Have a great vacation!

  2. I love all the pictures that you just posted ,, very dreamy!!



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