Friday, April 30, 2010

winner ~ winner chicken dinner!!!

sooooo, because we want tooooooo,, and because we have no limits ~ we gotta share with you all the photos from our shoot!!!! oh,,, and how we chose the winner!!!,,, we had the help of my perfect angels,,,
and then miss thang thought she would direct the photo shoot,,,
and of course we went along with it,,,
oh, so you wanna know who won or something?!?!,,,
alright ~ so these photos might be outta order,,,, butttttt,,,,,
the winner of the pink owl by ninja star carrie,,,
ninja emily!!!!!!
and the winner of the blue owl by ninja star carrie!?!?!?!
ninja heidi!!!!!!!
miss krista!!!!!! you won the *accidently kelly street* kit!!!!!!!
and then we were dinosaurs,,,,
over,,, and over,,,
,,,and over,,,,
,,,and over,,,
love these babes,,,
so happy ~ congrats chickys!!!!
me,,,, all night,,, in the zone,,, {had to share},,,
we love you, like a lot, a lot,,, winner ~ please email addys to ~ pinkninjaaddicts {at} yahoo {dot} com
love, us, that addicts,,,


  1. AHHHHH!!!! Yay!!! OMG!!! How super flipping cool... and what makes me laugh the most, besides those cute pics of you all is how Ninja Heidi even said on her blog she would get one of those owls!!! HA!! Thanks ladies!! Love ya all!!! And thanks to those cute babes of you for picking my name!!!

  2. WoooWooo!!! CONGRATS ladies!!!
    omg LOVE The dino pictures hahahaha!! Genius!

  3. no FREAKIN way!!!!!!!!!!!! the power of positive thinking, baby! (maybe i should employ that more often...hmmmm, methinks i need to run out to buy that lottery ticket for the lottery that i'm GOING TO win, lol.) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Congrats to Em & Krista, too!!!

    Love seeing the pics of you guys and the cutie babies, too!!!!! I know i keep telling you but those are the cutest kids!!!

  4. So awesome! I'm totally psyched and can not wait to play with the accidentally kelly street kit. Thanks for the wonderful drawing!

    Your photos are killer!

  5. congrats ladies! how fun! loved all the photos!!!



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