Tuesday, April 27, 2010

blog hop with our ninja in the spotlight michelle clements,,,

weeeeeeee!!! here we goooooo!! our very first blog hop and we are so happy to have you here!!! welcome!!!! dont forget to list yourself as a follower to be entered in the give away,,, but first, lets welcome our ninja in the spotlight for april ~ michelle clement!!! talent that blows me away,,, staring at her projects as she sent them over, my jaw was on the floor. she is so darn talented and we are gitty and beyond honored to have her here with us for this blog hop and fun give away action!!!!
here are a few peeks at two of the projects she made,,, amazing,,, she played with the *accidently kelly street* and here is *girly*
and here is *rad*
*sigh*,,, big, big *SIGH* ;-)
and we are soooo excited to be hosting a give away for this fun blog hop!!! we have three prizes for you. you gotta read the rules and play along if youd like a chance to win either of these owl babies that ninjs star carrie crested using the *accidently kelly street* kit. please meet *josie* and *marie* . they come with birth certificates!!! so special!!!!
and we are giving away, to one lucky winner, an *accidently kelly street* kit!!! weve havent done this yet,,, so we excited!!!
the rules are simple, we all wanna share with you what we have created using that kit, so
*you gotta visit the ninja masters personal blogs, the ninjas stars blogs, the ninja in the spotlight blog. leave some love where you can ~ we loves!!!
*you gotta be a follower. you have to follow this blog, and each of the regular ninjas blogs {ninja master nely, ninja master ally, ninja star gloria and ninja star carrie}, *anddddd you have got to spread the word. make a post about this blog hop and the wicked give away.
once youve completed the tasks,
*leave a comment and we will enter you in the prize give away.
we will announce the winners friday morning!!!
carrie will be opening her own personal etsy shop soon,, and i.cant.wait.to.get.my.own.owl. theyre perfect. so youre lucky,,, to have a chance to win one!!!
so what are you waiting for?? go,,, list yourself as a follower here,,, then go to these blogs and become a follower too,,, we will choose a winner friday morn,,,
ninja master ally
ninja master nely
ninja star gloria {gloria doesnt have a followers list, so dont worry about that one ;--) }
ninja star carrie
ninja in the spotlight michelle
dont forget, be a follower,,, make a post,,, and leave a comment,,,
love, us, the addicts


  1. I've loved Michelle's work forever now and it's soo cool she's hangin' with the ninja addicts this month!

    Booom!! gotcha gals!!! =D Here's my post about you rock stars

  2. michelle's layouts are spectacular! so cool about the hop, too!!!!!!

    i WANT one of those adorable owls!!! toooooo cute!!!! just off to play with accidentally kelly street and now i'm just THAT much more inspired!!!!

  3. of course i hooked you guys up with a shout out about the hop. http://notbusyenuf.blogspot.com/2010/04/pink-ninja-addicts-blog-hop.html

    everyone's projects are SO inspiring MAYBE my mojo will return! hopefully!

  4. What an inspiring hop! I can't wait to get my supplies out...

    I'm a follower (yes, I stalk you all now) and I posted about the hop on my blog!


  5. Those owls are the absolute cutest!!!This is such a creative blog, love it!

  6. woot! just posted about the hop on my blog too!


    happy hoppin' peeps! i'm off to hop now :)


  7. fabulous hop ladies-the LO's are amazing and those owls rock! i am a follower of everyone and just love the inspiration i got from you all!
    gloria-i added ya to my sidebar :)

    happy hoppin' folks!


  8. Check, check, check, check, check (although already been a follower for some time of my most talented and favorite friends!!
    LOVE the blog hop idea....I may have to "steal" this fun little trip down bloggity lane for Pink Pineapple!! I LOVE THE KITS and THE OWLS, if I win .....how do I pick. (finger in corner of mouth, twisting it ever so slightly)!!!

  9. I absolutely love everything! You ladies totally rock!
    BTW, I am now a follower!

  10. Oh how gorgeous is that LO and the owls...oh my...the one is named after me Josie!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  11. http://singem1.blogspot.com/2010/04/pink-ninja-addicts-blog-hop-and.html

    There ya go ladies... love those owls... OMG, they are adorable!!!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Amazing giveaway! Check it out; I retweeted Ally's Tweet about this, I did a blog post for your giveaway @ http://eitsart.blogspot.com and I added a tweet about my post ;)

    It was great that I was already following everyone's personal blog!

  14. I am floored by everyone's talent! All around inspiring! This is one of the best hops that I have ever done! and I look forward to following everyone's blogs more closely now :)

    Spreading the word my new friends ;)

    Thank you!!!
    hugs, margie

  15. You guys are all super talented! Love your style Michelle!

  16. This is so fun......You Ninjas ROCK! xOxO

  17. So much PINK goodness! Those owls are just darling, too!

  18. If I had one-fourth the talent you ladies do I would be sittin on top of the world! I made a blog blurb as you can see here:


    Oh I want the Accidentally Kelly so bad!
    Beth aka BR-T

  19. Well, I finished up the hop this morning. What fun sites. I did list this in my sidebar and am following everyone now. I can't remember who sent me here but thanks to whoever it was--very interesting blogs!



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