Sunday, October 9, 2011

to every day,, and every season,, change,,,

gooooooooood morning!!! hello pink ninja nation that still exists!!!! love you long time. short and sweet,,, changes and changes are happening everywhere around us in our adorable pink world we live in,,, for starters, and for now,,, i will be doing my very, very best to keep updates going on our facebook site,,, please, follow us there for the time being,, you can also order any kits we have there as well,,, for what we have check here and here,,, we would love to continue to see you, your work and inspiration,, and we would love for you to follow us and what we are up to,,,
and wed LOVE to have you for our next crop,, coming right up,, so excited,,,
also, we are growing,,, we have begun a new adventure alongside the pink ninja nation,,, the lawn flamingos,, also will be running through facebook {until further notice},,, like us there as well,,, pretty, pretty please,,, we rock out amazing hair accessories and we rip shirts, and bling em up,, so fun!!!
and id love to be friends with you as well,,,
like us long time,,, we love you!!!!!!

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