Sunday, July 3, 2011

its july!!!!!

,,,and we havent released our kit yet,,, well, we wanted to check in with you and let you all know that,,,
1} we love you long time,,,
2}we have been taking advantage of summer and vacationing with our adorable families,,,
i, {ally} am currently in the dominican republic with my whole family,,,, my husband, kiddos,,, mom and dad,, mother and father in law,,, brother in law {new} sister in law, {new} nephew and uncle al,,,
and nely has been in miami with her adorable hubby and friends,,,,
while being on vacation, were so glad you havent forgotten about us and paid to save your spot at our upcoming crop,,, our list is growing and growing and its so fun for us!!!! we will be back soon,,,
love you long time!!!
love, ally & nely


  1. Wow I can blog with you, I've bought something and I can't wait to receive it, I don't even leave home,yp I'm that eager, do tell is it a small package that can fit in a mailbox(so I can go out) or is it from a Puralator, which means I shouldn't go out or from regular post, which means they will at least leave a card...I'm very eager NOT to miss it, I hope you have a wonderful holidays and ifyou have toanswer this question, I'd be so grateful, and I can't tell you how grateful I am, that you accepted a made my day xxxx

  2. I have received my redemption song and love, love, love it I want to give super feedback, but it's not do I do it?

    100% satisfaction, you ladies are very talented...and I will, when I can purchase again, thanks somuh



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