Monday, March 7, 2011

*today* by piradee

its so amazing to me how different creative minds work. not, like *different, different*, different meaning just not my mind. you know what im trying to say?? for example,,, my mind would never put something like this together. but oh how i wish it would,,, this is amazing. love the center of the flowers and the dots {which are actually the dots for the *i* in thickers}. piradee,, this is amazing,,, thank you for what you did with *redemption song*. love this,,, *today*
love, ally & nely


  1. love LOVE the stamps around the flowers, so subtle but still so there...... Really neat idea with the dots from the "i" I never would have thought of that! Awesome layout, must buy this kit!

  2. Awesome idea for the dots.... that's a lot of i's!!! Love it!



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