Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wanna overdose??

heeeeeyyyyyy!!!! whats up addicts!?!? wanna start your addiction?? the ninja master are here at our adorable weekly meeting and we were doing some thinking,,, its about time we run a special,,, a little back to school special, if you will,,, now that all of the kids are back to school we *finally* have time to scrap,,, isnt that so nice?? ahhhhh,,,, soooo, we were thinking, wed like to share our happy inspiration with you,,, we re-listed the *overdose*. for the time being, till the special is over,,, the overdose is good for two kits at $50.!!! oh boy!!! when ordering your *overdose*, please specify which kits youd likey,,, or,,, if youd like, we can surprise you as well,,, thats fun too sometimes!!! we had some amazing releases over summer and its time to get caught up!!! happy shopping!!
love you, love us, ally & nely

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